Our concert is supported by very special Ambassadors – exceptional artists and influencers associated with Japanese animation and music. They share our passion, commitment and desire to create an amazing event. They are the face and most importantly, the heart of Anime Symphony!

Dorian Makbeth

A certified double bass player who later in life decided to create cosplays rather than play music(which he misses a lot). There is probably a mix of tea and wine flowing in his veins, and his heart beats mostly for classical music and... cats.

His beloved soundtrack comes from the anime Attack on Titan! The song "Vogel im Käfig" is one of those that he can listen to on a loop. It grabs the heart as hard as the fists of a titan! And since we are at a topic of heartbreaking and emotions, Dorian can promise that there will be no shortage of those during the Anime Symphony concert!

Dorian Makbeth

photo - pugoffka_sama