Our concert is supported by very special Ambassadors – exceptional artists and influencers associated with Japanese animation and music. They share our passion, commitment and desire to create an amazing event. They are the face and most importantly, the heart of Anime Symphony!


For her, music is far greater mystery than mathematical equations. She cannot comprehend how composing music works and where musicians get inspiration and all these perfectly harmonizing sounds. But that doesn't stop her from loving music of course! Kairi cannot imagine her life without it and is intrigued by its power.

Her favorite musical medium are musicals, but she loves music from movies, games, and of course from anime as well! She has a soft spot for the Fullmetal Alchemist soundtrack. It was largely the music that made her fall in love with the adventures of the Elric brothers and she quietly hopes that in the repertoire of Anime Symphony she will hear something from this title…


photo - fotabanana