On stage, apart from Orchestra, one would be able to see and hear amazing soloists. Those artists spent years polishing their vocal skills and are closely associeted not only with music but also manga, anime and Japanese culture.


photo - tomcherir

During her musical education she partake in two musical schools – Studio Artytyczne "METRO" under the Buffo Theater and Maciej Pawłowski's Autorska Szkoła Musicalowa under the Roma Theatre. She appreciates the emotional power of music, and film music appeals to her the most.

Developing her musical abilities, she participated in many projects related to fan initiatives: Insomnia Dubbing Project, CMV (Cosplay Music Video) or musicals produced by Katarzyna Siedlecka. Professionally, she lends her voice to commercial projects. In 2024, you will be able to hear her in the leading role of Fae Cathro in the game 'REPO MAN' from the Polish game company Achara Studios.